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The unique selling point of this movie isn’t only the ‘Indian’ of the title. He’s a U.S. Marine, a Lakota Sioux, an iconic figure who might have stepped out the pages of a storybook or a classic Western. But Wez’s story isn’t played out in the Wild West, he’s a Native American in the wild West Highlands of Scotland! That unexpected juxtaposition is what makes this movie fresh, exciting and original.


We’ve always been fascinated by ‘Red Indians’, in movies, comic books and popular mythology. But the modern Indian is much less familiar, especially one who’s a U.S. Marine and a stranger so far from home. This swaggering, romantic figure brings not just change to the lives of Dean, Aunt Fay and Uncle John, he brings myth, mystery and magic.
























Indian Summer is unashamedly romantic - confident to wear its heart on its sleeve. Romantic not just in terms of Wez and Fay’s tender love story, but in the spectacular setting - a Highland landscape unique in the U.K., perhaps in the world.


Dean’s is a magical world of lochs, glens and heather, removed from reality, on its spit of land that’s all but an island. It’s into this vivid world, the ‘imaginary’ world of a grieving child, that Wez brings love, laughter and the thrill of the psychedelic 60s, with his tall tales of life in the Marines and his spiritual connection of his Lakota ancestors.


In these uncertain times, Indian Summer is a movie that makes us feel better about ourselves and the world around us. It puts us in touch with the magic of the natural world, transports us back to a simpler time, fulfills the need for spirituality in our lives, and reconnects us to our deepest human emotions; grief, regret, redemption, joy and the healing power of love.


Though it’s set in Scotland, it’s a movie that feels like an American indie so targets not just a mature audience who seek out independent cinema, but festival-goers, art house fans and baby-boomers eager to see a movie that reflects their own era back to them from a unique, exciting and unexpected angle.

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