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Denis Crossan BSC, Director of Photography

Since working on seminal award-winning Scottish film drama, Silent Scream, Director of Photography, Denis Crossan, has worked on many internationally prominent films with renowned directors and producers.  These include Incognito with Director John Badham; Nostradamus with Director Robert Christian; I Know What You Did Last Summer with Director Jim Gillespie; The Hole with Director Nick Hamm; Agent Cody Banks and Pink Panther 2 with Director Harald Zwart.  The film, Me Without You, on which he worked with Sandra Goldbacher, was nominated for BAFTA Best British Film and his work on Clandestine Marriage won Best Cinematography Prize at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California 2000.  


Across these projects, Denis has captured beautifully the performances of acclaimed actors such as Joan Collins, Timothy Spall, Hilary Duff, Jean Reno, Steve Martin, John Cleese, Emily Mortimer, Sara Michelle Gellar, F Murray Abrahams, Julia Ormond, Val Kilmer, Kim Basinger and Terence Stamp.


Denis is represented by Flic McKinney of McKinney Macartney Management Ltd.


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