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Mike Kelt, Executive Producer

Mike has been in the Special Effects business for thirty years, twenty-two with Artem Ltd which he helped set up.  Before Artem, he worked at the BBC on such iconic projects as Blake’s 7, Dr Who, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.  Originally, Mike learnt his trade in the theatre as a Designer and Production Manager.


Over the years, Mike has worked in all aspects of the business on projects including titles and idents (eg BBC 1 and 2); commercials; television and feature films such as Hot Fuzz, Doomsday, Book of Blood, Dread, The Eagle of the Ninth.  During this time, there have been significant shifts in the industry with CG replacing many of the traditional craft skills, yet he sees new doors opening and a flourishing of young talent attracted to an industry where the challenges change daily and the need for creativity never lessens.


Mike sits on BSAC, (British Screen Advisory Council), the Board of UK Screen (the trade body for the facilities sector) and Skillset’s Facilities Skills Council.  


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